Soundscapes & Projections

Medmerry Soundscapes by Splodge Designs at Easton Viewpoint The RSPB Medmerry site is a beautiful nature reserve with a wealth of hidden stories to tell of its layers of history, redevelopment and visitor experiences. Between the 2 benches at Easton Point you will find a display board. Scan the QR code with your phone and the link will take you to the Splodge Designs website. Here you will be able to listen to a collection of atmospheric and informative soundscapes telling you more about the area. 

These soundscapes were created with a wide range of local people who shared their knowledge, memories and hopes for the area. The artwork for the display board was created by Splodge Designs working with 2 local community groups; Think 18 based at the Apuldram Centre and the Aldingbourne Trust group based at Aldingbourne Country Park. Splodge Designs would like to thank everyone who contributed towards the project.

Track 1: Letting In The Sea



Track 2: Nature and Wildlife




Track 3: Education and Archaeology



Track 4: Hopes for the Future




Sound, Recording, Composition & Structural Design

Co Director Paul Jones, specialises in sound, recording, composition and also structural design. Paul has a Degree in Music Production, which he has utilised within various creative projects in the form of composing and recording music and soundtracks, as well as recording and editing other performers and interviewees. He has had a variety of live performance experience, both as a singer/guitarist and as an actor. Paul is a qualified teacher with extensive experience of teaching a wide range of ages and abilities.

Previous Projects

Splodge Design has worked on various creative projects in the form of creating and composing soundtracks as well as recording and editing other performers and interviewees.

Recent work has included soundtracks for the Heritage Open Days and Fort Brockhurst, the Charles Dickens Bicentennial Exhibition as well as D-Day projects, World War One and Gallipoli Commemorative projects.

Soundtracks & Video Projection

Our soundtracks can stand alone or can be used in conjunction with Community created artwork, textiles and projections. Splodge Designs create inspiring video projections mapped to the space. These project images, light and film which can work in conjunction with music or a soundtrack.


Umbrella Project

The Umbrella Project was held across Winchester. Splodge Designs within Winchester Cathedral,  explored the idea of ‘collision’. Working within the cathedral with participants a 3D projection was created with a composed soundtrack to reflect its history and presence. During the festival we projected across multiple surfaces to within the cathedral building create a 3D effect. Our accompanying soundtrack was a subtle response to the tranquillity, scale and depth of the cathedral, combining music, sound effects and recordings made within the cathedral. The result was an ethereal, ambient sound collage which combined with the visuals to create an immersive, sensory experience.


Working alongside Big Adventures, we worked together and created a large scale event to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli and the restoration and reopening of the M33 monitor ship.  With a final showcase of exciting local and internationally recognised companies.

We worked on the narrative by composing and recording several pieces of soundtrack. We also worked with Adult learners to research contemporary news reports, diaries, bulletins and other literature to explore the M33’s involvement in the Gallipoli Campaign during World War One. Working across 2 community groups we developed a ‘Gallipoli Reporting’ Pamphlet in the format of a 1914 newspaper design that included illustrations, articles, images, extracts from diaries and letters.